Sales and Marketing

The company has a sound marketing network and more than 100 sales personnel sales force with combat effectiveness and a strong sense of competition. At present, more than twenty overseas offices have been established in the country. Sales outlets spread over all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions except Tibet. The company has established a complete commercial marketing network and clinical expert network and kept long-term business cooperation with over a hundred commercial companies in the country. Our preparations have been used by over two hundred main hospitals in China. The company has high reputation in the antineoplastic drug market and gets recognized by industry experts, which firmly sets up the company’s brand position in the antineoplastic drug market.

API products are sold all over the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to over fifty countries and regions. The company has the autonomy of foreign import and export. With 30 years’ export history, the company has obtained a certain scale of export-oriented economy.

The company survives on the quality. Strict management system and advanced testing equipments ensure the product quality. APIs won various awards: Procaine hydrochloride, Vitamin B6, Hetrazan won the National Silver medal; Aspirin, Piperaxine Citrate, Sodium Salicylate, Sucralfate and Taurine were rated as high quality products of Jiangsu Province; Sodium Erythorbate won the National product “New Star Cup” award; Armillarisin A obtained the National new product “Golden Dragon” award; Nitrendipine and Sulpiride won the “Golden Bull” award in Jiangsu Province; Aspirin is a brand product in Nanjing; Praziquantel won the excellent new product award in Nanjing and was listed as a reserve drug by the State Economic and Trade Commission. The new Praziquantel film-coated tablets successfully developed not only reduce the odor but also the frequency of side effects, which is highly praised by the patients.

The company with a solid foundation for development has broad prospects. Strong R&D team continues to provide new vitality and stamina for the sustainable development. Every year, several new drugs are developed and sold in the market. The company mainly develops antineoplastic drugs and at the same time puts great efforts in developing high value-added new drugs, special drugs, APIs and intermediates to meet the market demands. Basing on a sound marketing network, the company makes the best of export-oriented enterprise’s advantages, plays an active part in both domestic and overseas market competition and strives to provide high quality products and service to achieve its economic and social benefits.

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