About Us

Nanjing Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd. (NPF) was founded in 1935. Thereafter, the company completed plant re-locations with finshed dosage plant in Nanjing Xingang Industrial Park in 2001 and API plant in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park in 2003.

Over the years, NPF has become a large and integrated manufacturer with strong R&D capabilities of API, finished dosage and pharmaceutical intermediate.

The API site covers 120,000 sqm with 6 dedicated and multi-purpose workshops plus ample land for expansion. Production and quality systems are operated accordingly to cGMP requirement. API products are exported worldwide
for more than 20 years including to the highly regulated USA and EU markets.

The finished dosage plant covers 70,000 sqm producing tablets, capsules, granules, as well as small volume injec-tions and lyophilized powder for injections.

We strive to provide customers quality products and services at competitive cost.

Preparations Company

Located in Nanjing Xingang Economic & Technological Development Zone, the preparations company covers 70 acres, including the whole plant of over 26,000m2, building area of 9,000m2, road area of 5,560m2 and green area of over 14,000m2. The company could be called a garden-like factory as the rate of green coverage is 54.7%. It has two workshops (injection and solid oral preparations workshops) and mainly produces pharmaceutical preparations.

The injection workshop has two completely separate powder and water injection line. Except reserving some development land, the workshop has a building area of 2,500m2 (including warehouse of 500m2) and clean area of 1,800m2. The clean area adopts two-side coated steel plate as wall partition and ceiling, and floor with epoxy resin, in full compliance with GMP standards.

Solid oral preparations workshop has a building area of 2,600m2, of which the clean area is 1,200m2. Air conditioning, water system, power distribution and warehouse are completely independent from each other. The workshop has passed the GMP inspection for producing tablets, granules and capsules (including antineoplastic agents).

APIs Company

APIs Company locates in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park on the north of Yangtze River, covering 180 acres. The company reserves over 70 acres of land from the perspective of future R&D and development.

The company has multi-purpose workshops (the clean area is about 270m2) and a laboratory suitable for production. It also has substation, refrigeration station, steam distribution stations, sewage treatment system, recycled water re-use devices, fire water tank, pumping stations, telephone switchboard, automatic fire alarm systems and maintenance center, etc.

Two APIs, Praziquantel and sucralfate, have achieved the sales admittance to American and European markets, and passed GMP inspection as well in December, 2003. Antineoplastic agents and multi-purpose workshops are also passed the inspection.

Preparations Sales Company

The sales company was formed in late 1992. After years of rapid development, the sales force grows to more than 100 members with strong combat effectiveness and competitive sense. At present, more than twenty offices have been established all over China with sales outlets throughout all the provinces and autonomous regions except Tibet, and also establish long-term business cooperation with over 100 commercial enterprises. The sales admittance in more than 200 large hospitals attributes to a complete network for marketing and clinical experts. A high visibility in antineoplastic agent market and experts’ recognition help us firmly establish the brand in antineoplatic agent market.

Technology Development Company

The company principally engages in R&D of new drugs. State-of-the-art laboratory and relevant instrument for production can fully guarantee our quality control of products in R&D and manufacturing. Taking “quality first” as the aim, the sales company achieves a good reputation in the field due to our emphasis on quality system and strict control in production.

The company attaches great importance to the ties and cooperation with major research institutes, closely follows the latest achievements and research direction in the field all over the world. With antineoplastic, cardiovascular and digestive system drugs as the main research direction, our scientists are developing with a wealth of R&D experience in the new drug research work. The company, becoming a high-tech enterprise with independent R&D and production capability, is integrating production, academia and research as a whole, linking manufacturing and marketing closely, and performing parallel development of science achievements and economic benefits.